IJFANS International Journal of Food and Nutritional Sciences

ISSN PRINT 2319 1775 Online 2320-7876

    Research Article

  1. Evaluation of therapeutic potential of Arhar honey (Cajanus cajan) in subjects with impaired glucose toleran
    Seema Rana1,2, Charu Katare2 , G. B. K. S. Prasad3
    2021; Volume 10 , Issue 2 : Page: 01-05

  2. Phytochemical, physicochemical, and fatty acids composition analyses of four species of Ficus genus from the arid zone of Rajasthan
    Ram Lal Saini, Seema Parveen, Rajni Bais, Mohammed Taufeeque
    2021; Volume 10 , Issue 2 : Page: 06-09

  3. Influence of dietary intake and study habits on academic performance in selected residential tribal welfare school students in Salem district of Tamil Nadu
    A. Nawabjan, P. Nazni1
    2021; Volume 10 , Issue 2 : Page: 10-12