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Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle

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N. Varalakshmi, A. Haseena


This project work is designed to control a robotic vehicle through voice commands forwarded through smart phone using android application. The wireless communication link established between the android app and the vehicle is facilitated with Bluetooth technology. The main motive to build this voice controlled robotic vehicle is to analyze the human voice and act according to the predefined programmed commands. The most basic commands included here are forward, backward, right turn, left turn and stop. The vehicle will be controlled wirelessly with the use of android smart phone technology and it is very simple also economy point of view, it is very feasible or affordable. The main processing unit will be constructed using Arduino Uno development board and with the help of a Bluetooth device interfaced with this processor, received commands will be digitalized. The moving mechanism will be constructed using 2 DC motors and these 2 motors are driven independently through motor driving circuit designed with H Bridge IC. The commands delivered from the android application through phone Microphone are converted in to digital signals by the Bluetooth RF transmitter & the range is defined as 50feets approximately.

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