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Earthquake Detector Using Arduino

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T.Venkata Sunitha, K.Vineela Rani


Earthquake early warning efforts aim to detect earthquakes and provide seconds of warning for surrounding populations. Here a working module rapidly detecting and characterizing earthquakes with the Quake-Catcher Network (QCN), which connects low- cost Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometers to a volunteer network of an embedded system is designed. Large magnitude earthquakes may cause significant losses of life and property. The concept is to detect the vibrations or jerks in the Earth, raise the alarm and alert the people. This concept can be proved practically with MEMS accelerometer mechanism. A method is described in the present disclosure which includes detecting of a seismic movement by an accelerometer (MEMS). This mechanism can be installed under the ground or over the concrete base and if there is any jerk in the ground, the sensor (MEMS) will be deviated from its position. Now this sensor depending on the deviation of the angle, it gives the voltage variation. The output voltage variation from the sensor is fed to the ADC pin of the Arduino for converting it into digital data. This digital information is read by the controller that checks with the predetermined threshold, and activates through the speaker as an acknowledgement to the surrounding people and simultaneously this information is also displayed in the LCD as well that is interfaced to the Arduino controller.

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