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Advanced Security System Using Raspberry PI

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P. Kumar, M. S. Tanveer Basha


Security is the primary concern everywhere and for everyone. Every person wants their home, industry etc to be secured. This project describes a security system that can monitor an industry and home.This is a simple and useful security system and easy to install. Here our application uses Raspberry Pi as its controller and passive infrared sensor which detects the presence of a person wherever we place this module either at a door near home or at offices, factories or any other place where we need monitoring every minute for the purpose of security. PIR sensor detects the movement around the sensor to activate the webcam to capture a picture. If the suspicious object is detected, then the alarm is activated and sends the images to cloud through IOT to warn the house owner about the existence of the intruder. so that one can have the knowledge of the person who appeared at that instant. A buzzer rings to alert surrounding people in that case.

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