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Twofold Route Selection AODV routing protocol based on multiple metrics management for enhanced communications over MANET and Deep learning

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Somu K, K.Raveendra, R. Karthik, Ferhat John, S Padmakala, V Jaiganesh, Firos A


In order to improve communication between sensors for material characterisation, this study presents a unique method for choosing the best route for information transmission between hubs in a mobile modular framework. A rapid, framework-free organisation that communicates by making many jumps is referred to as a portable spontaneous organisation. In adaptable, unplanned organisations, management is a huge task. Depending on a number of factors, including the distance between the hubs, bounce checks, latency, trust esteems, residual energy, received signal quality, and more, a routing protocol will often choose a route between two hubs. The suggested technique chooses the best way for data transmission among the hubs based on the separation measure after two routes between the source and the destination have been established. The proposed Multiple Metric based Twofold Route Selection AODV Routing protocol (MMBTRS AODV) performs better than the existing AODV guiding convention, according to simulation findings. A high package conveyance %, a smaller typical on-off delay, and little leading above are the outcomes of the recommended guiding resolution.

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