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Traditional Phytotherapy For Dermatological Disorders And Poisonous Bites In Naguneri Taluk Of Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu.

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Rashida Banu A. M, A. Vengadeswari, R. Uma, G. Anantha Lakshmi and R. Mahesh


Traditional medical practices are an important part of the primary health care system in the developing world. The ethnobotanical survey can bring out many different clues for the development of drugs to treat human diseases. Now a days, a trend in the study of medicinal plants and their use in traditional medicine has been drawing the attention of different medical practitioners throughout the world. The ultimate aim of this study is to document the medicinal plants used for the treatment of skin diseases and poisonous bites by the people of Nanguneri Taluk of Tirunelveli District. Intensive surveys were carried out to collect data on traditional knowledge on uses of medicinal plants and ethnomedicinal practices by local communities of villages in and around the present study area. The present study documents as a total 59 taxa distributed in 57 genera representing 29 families. Of these 59 taxa 20 species are herbs, 14 species are shrubs, 13 species are climbers and 12 species are trees. Among these 57 genera 36 are used to treat skin diseases and 21 are used to treat poisonous bites. The plant parts such as stem, leaves, fruits, flowers, latex, rhizome and whole plants were found to be the most frequently used morphological parts of the medicinal plants collected from the study area. The medicines were prepared from plants by various forms, such as decoction, paste, juice, extract, powder, etc to treat different type of skin diseases. Most of the people in the study area depend on traditional medicine for primary healthcare system. Even though modern allopathic medicines are available, people still rely on traditional healthcare system. Therefore, it would be important to document the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants for further healing process.

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