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Traditional Medicinal Plants Used By Kolam Tribe Of Nimgavhan Village, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra

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K. R. Gopal


India Is Rich In Medicinal Plant Diversity Distributed In Different Geographical And Environmental Condition And Associated Tribal And Folk Knowledge System. The Tribal Mostly Depend On Forests For Their Livelihood (Gupta Et Al, 2010). Folk Medicines Today Play A Key Role In The Developing Countries Due To Lack Or Limited Modern Health Services. Tribal People Utilize Plants As Herbal Medicines, Which Are Effective Against A Number Of Diseases And This Knowledge Is Generally Transmitted Orally From Generation To Generation.The Traditional Knowledge Of Medicinal Plants That Are In Use By “Kolam Tribe” Residing In Nimgavhan Village Of Yavatmal District, Maharashtra. Yavatmal District Is Rich In Ethnobotanical Plants. Different Plant Parts Such As Root Stem, Leaves, Flowers, Tuber, Rhizome, Bulb Were Found To Be In Use By Kolam Tribe. The Kolams Are Considered In Dravidian Group Of Tribes And Ethically And Culturally Akin Of Gonds (Russel And Hiralal, 1973). The Present Study Was Done Through Structured Questionnaires In Consultation With The Tribal Practitioner And Has Resulted In The Documentation Of 34 Medicinal Plant Species Belonging To 28 Families And Used To Treat About 28 Ailments .

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