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The Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health: An Overview

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Dr.Sharmishtha K. Garud Mrs. Trupti Saket Bhosale Dr. Prajakta B. Shete


The anticipated outcomes in the treatment of mental disorders are not always achieved with applied psychopharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. Consequently, there is a growing focus on alternative interventions. Recent years have witnessed a surge in research exploring the influence of nutrition on mental well-being, presenting a potential avenue for preventing various mental disorders and reducing the prevalence of such conditions. This review seeks to address the impact of lifestyle and nutrition on mental health and ascertain the existence of scientific evidence supporting the connection between diet and mental well-being. A thorough examination of the available literature was conducted using the PubMed database, resulting in 3,473 records. From these, 356 sources directly relevant to the study's theme were identified, with a subsequent selection of those possessing the highest scientific value based on bibliometric impact factors. Given the ongoing transformations such as urbanization, globalization, and shifts in eating habits, understanding the correlations between these factors and their influence on mental states becomes crucial. This knowledge opens up potential avenues for implementing novel and effective dietary, pharmacological, therapeutic, and, most importantly, preventive interventions. Among these interventions, rational diet, physical activity, the utilization of psychobiotics, and the intake of antioxidants are identified as having the highest therapeutic potential. Additionally, research highlights the existence of nutritional interventions with psych protective capabilities

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