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Phytochemical screening and total quantification of phenol in Neolamarckia cadamba

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Sheeja T Tharakan, Anagha V, Femy Joy K, Alida Davis and Manju Madhavan


Traditional medical practices made extensive use of medicinal plants as a primary or secondary source of treatment for a wide range of human diseases and conditions. In the present study, phytochemical screening and total phenolic quantification of different extracts of Neolamarckia cadamba was done by standard procedures. Carbohydrates, sugar, proteins, steroids, tannins, saponin, phenol and alkaloids are present in petroleum ether, acetone and distilled water extracts of N. cadamba. Total quantification of phenol was analyzed in three extracts of cadamba. The value was provided in terms of the corresponding catechol. Its therapeutic efficacy may result from the presence of secondary metabolites. More research on N. cadamba is needed to see whether it has therapeutic promise for a wide range of illnesses.

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