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Influence of Thermal and Solute Transport on Magnetohydrodynamic Flow over an Inclined Porous Plate in the Presence of a Chemical Reaction.

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This investigation delves into the effects of heat and mass transfer on the magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow over an inclined porous plate in the presence of a chemical reaction. The study elucidates the interplay between the Soret effect, the inclination angle, and various factors including heat source, chemical reaction, and thermal radiation. The governing equations for momentum, energy, and concentration are derived, resulting in a set of coupled second-order partial differential equations. To facilitate analysis, the model is non-dimensional zed and governed by a range of dimensionless parameters. These dimensionless equations can be solved analytically through closed-form methods. The study showcases numerical findings for key parameters such as the Soret number (Sr), Grashof number (Gr) representing heat and mass transfer effects, Schmidt number (Sc), Prandtl number (Pr), chemical reaction parameter (Kr), permeability parameter (K), magnetic parameter (M), as well as skin friction (τ), Nusselt number (Nu), and Sherwood number (Sh).

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