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Implementing Blockchain Technology for Autonomous Transaction Management in E-Commerce

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The utilization of blockchain technology within a decentralized network is a forward-looking advancement. The authors harness this technology to formulate an independent transaction system tailored for e-commerce realms. This strategic move stems from the notable upsurge in IoT devices, fostering seamless communication between physical entities. This, in turn, amplifies operational efficiency and precision, favoring external parties while diminishing human involvement. Notably, a significant conundrum revolves around post-payment data storage in e-commerce. Herein, blockchain emerges as an apt framework for decentralized data storage, concurrently safeguarding data against unauthorized access.The authors engineer data blocks meticulously, overseeing and documenting each transaction transpiring within the e-commerce domain. An intrinsic facet of this is shielding user privacy from external entities such as banks, which may otherwise breach confidentiality. Within this framework, user data is systematically captured, subjected to processing, culminating in a visually informative depiction of the processed information.

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