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Impact Of Digital Economy On Micro, Small And Medium Size Enterprises

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Mr. Chetan T.R,Mr. Prince Gupta,Mr. Vijji Madhu babu,Mr. Vishwanathan M


Background: The digital economy provides a variety of opportunities for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to access financial services. Methods/statistical Analysis: This study is an attempt to investigate the impact of the potential benefits of the digital economy on the growth of MSMEs in India by formulating multiple surveys and collecting responses from 50 MSMEs. The findings revealed that using digital banking and e - shopping encourages customers to purchase more products, and that using digital banking has a positive impact on growth.. The emergence of start-up businesses suggests that technology-based financial services are growing quickly in India. These services include payment services and services for transferring money, loans and savings, insurance, financial markets, crowd funding, and wealth management. Findings: Recent economic changes have had a significant impact on micro, small, and medium-sized businesses. The introduction of digital technology has altered the Indian economy. We have highlighted the issues and benefits that small businesses face when making payments. All of our research is based on payments, followed by a survey of customers about the ease of payments, and adds up to the conclusion that the digital economy has brought positive changes to MSMEs. Application: Digital tools offer several significant benefits to enterprises. Digitalization reduces transaction costs by improving and streamlining communication between workers, suppliers, and networks. The prospect of trading in services has dramatically expanded, which can help small and medium-sized businesses integrate into worldwide markets by minimising the costs associated with border and transportation operations. It also encourages innovation and increased access to innovation assets, as well as the opportunity for enterprises to create data and analyse their own operations in novel ways to improve performance.

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