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Formulation of Bakery Products “Sweet Biscuits” by Utilizing Flax Seed Flour and Black Rice Flour to Improve the Public Health

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Kushwaha Pratibha , Paul Virginia and Paul Ajit


The bakery product, “Sweet Biscuits” are most significant in food industry. These are an important food product used as snacks by every age group stage in India. Commercially available “Sweet Biscuits” are prepared from Refined Flour that is nutrionally inferior in the quality. The purpose of the present study was formulation of bakery products (Sweet Biscuits) by utilizing flax seed flour and black rice flour to improve the public health. It increased the Nutrient Content and improves sensory characteristics of value added “Sweet Biscuits”, Keeping in view the medicinal and nutritional benefits of the flaxseed flour and black rice flour to formulate and enriched “Sweet biscuits” by sensory attributes and cost estimation prevailing by the market price. Standard recipe “Sweet Biscuits” served as a control (T0) with three treatment combinations, were prepared by replacing Refined Flour with different ratio of Black Rice Flour and Flax Seed Flour which were referred as T1, T2, and T3 respectively. they were analyzed on Nine Point Hedonic Scale score card for different Sensory Attributes. The AOAC method was used for nutritional analysis. The result revealed that T2 (9) was found to be the most acceptable regards to its overall acceptability followed by T1(6.8), T0(6.8) and T3 (6.9) respectively. Nutrient content was significantly increased in Best Treatment T2 as compared to control (T0). So it was concluded from the result that the value addition of Black Rice Flour and Flax Seed Flour at different level, can improve the sensory attributes of enriched “Sweet Biscuits” there by enhancing the nutritive value and cost though acceptable and reasonable as compared to market price.

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