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Examine The Ongoing Debate About the Death Penalty, Considering Its Morality, Effectiveness as A Deterrent, And Racial Disparities In Its Application

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Arpana Bansal, Navdeep kaur


The death penalty, which is sometimes referred to as cruel and barbaric, is still a divisive topic in the Indian criminal justice system. Supporters of its continuation point to justice and deterrence in their case, while opponents highlight its ethical and practical drawbacks, such as its inability to effectively discourage crime and the possibility of erroneous convictions. Global trends towards decreasing the usage of the death sentence are reflected in international legal changes that also favor its eradication. The issue of abolition has resurfaced in India due to worries with sentence irregularities and racial inequities. This essay explores the background information, legal system, efficacy, racial inequality, and policy implications for capital punishment in India's criminal justice system. Eventually, it is believed that the death penalty is incompatible with human dignity and justice, which emphasizes the necessity of abolishing it.

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