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Ethnoicthyological Practices For Ophthalmic Care And General Health In The Coastal Belts Of South Tamil Nadu Coast-India

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Heber A ,K.Kalirajan, D.Lional Raj, A J A Ranjitsingh


Scientific research of the present era has validated the biomedical potential of many ancient ethnomedicine formulations that forms the intellectual property of Tribal people who are aware of medicinal plant and animal species. The traditional use of fish-based ethnomedicine in treating some diseases is found in the coastal belts of the south Tamil Nadu coast. The present study was conducted in the coastal districts of Tamil Nadu, covering Thoothukudi, Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli, and Ramanathapuram, using a specified questionnaire. The respondents interviewed were traditional healers, aged fisher folk, and head of the fisher folk community. In the present study, 18 groups of finfish comprised of different species, seven groups of shellfish comprised of different crustaceans and mollusks, turtles, sea mammals, corals, and sponges used by the people in the study area shows the influence of seafood in the human diet as medicine. The different sea products are cooked or dried and prepare delicious diets using different herbs according to the users. Different preparations are used for pregnant women, lactating women, and women with gynecological issues. Also, the finfish and prawn are salted and dried and used. Dried and smoked Tuna is highly used for convalescing people and lactating women. The data collected shows that the different marine products have novel bioactive compounds for further research.

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