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Emerging Trends And New Technological Practices In Food Industry: A Review

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Dr. Shatakshi, Dr Saras Verma, Dr. Santosh Kumar Verma


The food sector has been significantly impacted by the technology revolution. Utilizing technology is one of the biggest benefits now available to companies in the food industry. The market for food processing is expected to reach a value of 535 billion USD by 2025. The views and practices of individuals have changed since the post-pandemic period. People today strive to live a healthy lifestyle and are more conscious of their food choices. Leading food companies are always enhancing and changing their production processes to meet consumer demands. Every stage of the food manufacturing process, from selecting the raw materials to delivering them, is made easier for businesses by technology. Digitization aims to offer clients healthful meals as part of the change. Every stage of the food manufacturing process—from the source to the packaging, from the manufacture to the transportation—sees performance improvements. Numerous technologies are improving the nutritional value of food.

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