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Dovetailing of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics: An Integrative FrameworkDovetailing of Business Intelligence and Business Analytics: An Integrative Framework

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Rafi Ahmad Khan1, Tariq Ahmad Lone2*


The business environment is constantly changing, and is increasingly becoming complex. Organizations are under pressure to adapt to these changing situations and make frequent, rapid, and complex decisions that may require a vast quantity of relevant data. Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) are the techniques that help such organizations to take quick and effective decisions. BI uses descriptive analytics while BA goes further and uses predictive as well as prescriptive analytics. This paper investigates many perspectives on the concept of business BI and BA and the relationship between them. For organizations that find it difficult to choose between BI and BA, the best strategy is to begin with BI and then combine it with BA. This paper presents a BI and BA system that explains the BI process and how BA may benefit from BI. This framework may be used as a road map for practitioners who want to adopt BI and BA in their organizations progressively, starting with the BI system and then moving on to the BA system. They may be able to better determine the user's needs and lower the risk of failure by using this strategy. This may increase the chances of successful implementation. This research also identifies the key differences between these two terms.

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