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Development of Nutrition Profiling System for Indian food and diets

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Bhavna Sharma, Nupur Agarrwal, Seema Puri, Humaira Fatima, Sabarinathan Devan and Yashwanth Radhakrishnan


Food plays a pivotal role in survival through maintenance of numerous physiological functions such as homeostasis, growth, overall health, in addition to being a pleasure. Consumption of diversified balanced diet in appropriate portions is critical for healthy wellbeing. Increased industrialization, urbanization led rapid changes in lifestyle including food consumption patterns lead to altered food preferences. India has a triple burden of malnutrition viz., over nutrition, undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies associated with wide range of highly prevalent disorders, from stunted growth to cardio-metabolic syndrome. Multiple factors such as sedentary lifestyle, consuming nutritionally imbalanced foods, disproportionate portion sizes have been recognized as major contributors to non-communicable diseases. Scientific evidences show nutritional interventions to modulate health positively and several countries follow their own health and nutrition policies based on appropriate requirements of the respective population. Nutrient profiling system is one such science-based methodology that guides innovation, reformulation and marketing strategy and has been adopted by food manufacturers globally. In view of India’s diverse food habits and dietary recommendations, and to support FSSAI’s The Eat Right Movement (TERM), ITC Foods Division, a leading food manufacturer in India has developed a Nutrition Profiling System (NPS), which is reviewed here.

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