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Consumers Behavior and Physiochemical quality assessment of Selective Street Foods Sold in Lucknow city

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Ruchi Verma, M. A. Firdaus, Sunita Mishra*


For the urban dwellers of developed nations, street food plays a significant role in their daily life. They serve as a source of appealing, inexpensive, convenient, and frequently nourishing food for a wide range of people in society. While people of various social levels and all age groups eat street food, it is necessary to evaluate its quality. The present study aimed to assess the consumers behavior, physiochemical characteristics such as pH, T.S.S. Moisture content, morphological changes within the samples by S.E.M. and changes in structure by using x-ray diffraction technique, nutritional quality of 4 selective street foods i.e. panipuri, chola, chowmeen and samosa. The present study focused on 200 consumers and 4 selective street food based on most preferred by consumers who were randomly selected from different locations in Lucknow city. According to the results of the Chowmein, Samosa, Panipuri and Chole the highest fat values of 20.2, 19.46, 17.3 and 20.46 was found. Nutrient excess and Nutrient deficiency are both major health issues. Street food vendors need to receive training in nutritional security and standard operating procedures to ensure the quality of the cooked food and consumption. Other than that, in order to maintain the nutrient content of street food, vendors may be taught on the advantages of adequate nutrition through awareness training programmes. Promoting healthy eating practices and educating consumers about street food should receive more attention.

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