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Chalukya's Contribution of Art and Architecture to Badami: A Study

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Dr. Lingamurthy G. H


Badami, along with several other sites in and around the Malaprabha River Valley in Aihole, Pattadakal, and Bagalkot District of Karnataka, is one of the earliest sites in South India, beginning with the construction of the early Chalkian dynasty, which ruled in the 6th century some of the stone temples from Badami (ancient Vatapi) to the 8th century AD. However, the history of steel construction goes back further, as evidenced by the numerous megalithic monuments that dot several locations in the Malaprava Valley Continuing previous work that argued that the Chalukya and their successors inherited the tradition of commemoration, represented by the megaliths of later monumental architecture, from temples to miniature temples and other forms of commemoration. However, this article examines and interprets the immediate landscape around the Butnath Temple in Badami as a memorial landscape with monumental buildings of various shapes.

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