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Analyzing Heat and Mass Transfer Flux in an Electrohydrodynamics Blood-Based Hybrid Nanofluid Subject to the Lorentz Force with the Application of the Cattaneo-Christov Model.

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K saikumar,SK ahammad
» doi: 10.48047/ijfans/v10/si2/36


This study presents a unique approach by considering both the magnetic field and electromagnetic force in the flow direction. The application of a magnetic field slows down the fluid flow, while the electric force factor increases fluid velocity and temperature. The primary objective of this study is to investigate the behaviour of electro-hydrodynamic blood-based hybrid nanofluid as it passes through vertically stretchable areas. The Cattaneo-Christov model, with thermal radiation and heat generation, is employed in this investigation using partial differential equations. To simplify the system of coupled nonlinear differential equations, appropriate variables are introduced, and the Spectral Relaxation Method (SRM), a novel numerical technique, is employed to obtain the solutions.

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