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Analysis of a Dstatcom-based sliding mode controller for distribution system power quality enhancement

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R.Bhanu Raghava Prakash
» doi: 10.48047/ijfans/v10/si2/48


In this paper, a Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM) based on Sliding Mode Controllers is developed for improving power quality in the distribution network. A quick change in voltage occurs in the DC link capacitor voltage connected to the compensating device during load disturbances in the systems.The capacitor voltage level during load change is the only factor that influences DSTATCOM performance. It ought to be kept within the permitted bounds.Typically, the converter's conventional controller is utilized to regulate the voltage of the dc-link capacitor. However, the transient reaction of a traditional controller like PI is still slow.The harmonic removal, thus,When there are different load changes in the distribution systems, load balancing and reactive power compensation processes are not suitable.In the control circuit for the appropriate operation of the compensator, a sliding mode controller is suggested as a solution to these issues.The DC link capacitor voltage is controlled by the sliding mode controller to produce the necessary reference currents.For switching pulse generation and DSTATCOM management under diverse load disturbances, reference currents are crucial.The purpose of a sliding mode controller is to keep variations in DClink voltage to a minimum.The results of modeling and simulating the proposed technique's performance on the MATLAB/SIMULINK platform are used to validate the design and control of DSTATCOM under a variety of load disturbances.

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