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Analysing the Impact of Temperature and Concentration Variations on Radiative Chemically Reactive Magnetohydrodynamic Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Over a Moving Porous Plate.

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SK ahammad
» doi: 10.48047/ijfans/v10/si2/26


The investigation considered a dynamic scenario involving a magnetohydrodynamic viscoelastic fluid flowing past a vertically moving plate within a porous medium, accounting for varying temperature and radiation impacts. The study also incorporated chemical reactions and concentration effects. Employing an analytical approach through perturbation techniques, the governing mathematical model was tackled. The primary objective of this research was to scrutinize the influence of various parameters and factors on the fluid flow, as well as on thermal and concentration profiles. The magnetic parameter played a pivotal role, notably diminishing the velocity profile due to the opposing Lorentz force against the flow direction. Meanwhile, heightened thermal radiation led to an augmented temperature profile, whereas intensified chemical reactions and a greater Schmidt number caused a reduction in the concentration distribution. The Schmidt number, a crucial factor in multiphase flows, indicated the relative ease of molecular momentum and mass transfer.

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