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An Iot Based Novel Approach For Design And Production Systems In Industry 4.0 Management Using Machine Learning

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Sanjeev Kumar Thalari, Muzafar Ahmad Mir, Rachana Jaiswal, T.Prakash, S Padmakala, V Jaiganesh, Firos A


Despite extensive research, the fourth industrial revolution's concept is still not commonly recognised. The introduction of Industry 4.0 will enhance many facets of human existence. Industry 4.0 will disrupt traditional production processes and business models, affecting supplier networks, users, hyperphysical structure creators, directors, and all personnel involved in the manufacturing process. Intelligent automation in the industrial sector is now feasible thanks to the advancement of Industry 4.0. In a variety of industries, this technology provides information, self-identification, self-feature, and self-autonomous system. In this research, the result tree approach is used to assess how much energy gadgets and appliances use, anticipate future behaviour, and discover unexpected behaviour. According to an examination of its efficacy, the proposed approach has a 88% efficiency when compared to existing techniques. The use of this technology creates a variety of concerns, including standards, security, resource management, the law, and altering business paradigms. The success or failure of Industry 4.0 is fully dependent on every component of the supply chain, including manufacturers and end consumers.

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