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A review on over usage of Pesticides in agriculture, their impact on health and environment in India and Determination of nitrogen containing pesticides present in various fruits and vegetables

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Dr. Neeli Vasavi


Food is essential for the survival of life. There is a tremendous increase the population in India. To meet the basic needs of people there is an urge need of increase in the production of food materials which must be healthy and hygienic. There is an evidence of widespread usage of harmful pesticides in agriculture, though they are used to control the pests, but they unknowingly polluting the water, soil and entering in to the food chain. Pesticide residues directly entering in to human beings affecting the health disorders. In this work we collected the secondary data from various sources and also did some experiments in the chemistry lab and determined the presence nitrogen containing pesticides present in various fruits and vegetables. This work is taken up to aware the people how much the threat is for Human and Environment.

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