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A Critical Study On Health And Hygiene Of Women Prisoners In India .

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Ms. Sofia Khatun, Dr. Sivananda Kumar K.


The point of review is to feature the well-being and sterile-related issues on the existences of the ones who are detained. The discoveries have uncovered that the pattern of crimes among the women is expanding step by step subsequently and the number of women in prison is also increasing gradually. This is a significant issue in the Indian culture and this ought to be relieved. The findings have demonstrated that the women in prisons are consistently casualties as they don’t get their necessities like food, well-being and cleanliness facilities during imprisonment. Notwithstanding, according to the secondary sources, it is clear that the level of HIV among the women is higher as opposed to that of the men’s life. The research highlights that a significant number of the women live in prison with their children in a critical condition.

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