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A Comparative Study of Physical Properties of Paddy, Unpolished and Polished Rice of Kullan Thondi Rice Variety

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Monalisha Munda, Jyotirmayee Udgatai


Physical properties of rice are necessary for the designing of new containers to handle, process or even transport. The physical properties of Kullan Thondi rice variety was evaluated in different forms such as paddy, unpolished and polished rice. The length, breadth and thickness of paddy, unpolished and polished forms of rice further determines the other physical properties such as equivalent diameter, sphericity, volume and surface area. The bulk, tapped and true density was found to be 392.51kg/m3, 425.50kg/m3 and 1280.57 kg/m3 respectively. It was found that at different level of processing the length, breadth and thickness of rice grains decreases. This may be due to the removal of husk and polishing of grains. This information will be helpful for optimizing milling operations, designing the storage structures and machinery, to avoid the postharvest and milling losses and to find the end use of the particular rice cultivar.

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