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Ms. Vishakhaben Modi


Throughout this Corona pandemic, the power sector is one of the most worst affected sector in India. As all the industries and factories were closed down and Indian power sector follows cross subsidy policy which states that costs are reduced to a particular type of customers or regions by increasing the costs to other customers or regions. Electricity plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Our buildings, organizations, industries, hospitals, agricultures and in fact our whole economy get power from it. Power sector play very important role for enhancing economic growth and promoting equitable regional development. In Gujarat state, there is a considerable development of power sector after reformation of Gujarat Electric Board. Objective of the paper is to determine that which hypothesis is accepted as per analysis of data using test. If the there is no significant difference in the mean effect, then it is called null hypothesis is accepted and if there is some significant difference then it is called as alternate hypothesis is accepted. A financial statement furnish information pertaining to strength of particular Companies so here I, as a researcher, has made sincere efforts to measure the profitability of power distribution companies by applying different methods of analysis like comparative statement, common size statement, trend percentage, ratio analysis etc.

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