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B-Cell Epitope Prediction From Leishmanolysin Protein Of Leishmania Donovai By In Silico Method.

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Kamal Kumbhar,Nisha Sarande


A neglected tropical disease leishmaniasis is caused by Leishmania parasite. There are limited antileishmanial drugs for complete cure of visceral leishmaniasis (kala-azar). In our present study we are focusing on antigenic potential of leishmanolysin (GP63) surface protein for vaccine development. For the vaccine development there is a need of prediction of potential immunogenic B-cell epitope. We constructed Leishmanolysin(GP63) protein structure by homology modeling and predicted potential antigenic epitope against Leishmania donovani by using bioinformatics tools. 3D structure of Leishmanolysin(GP63) protein was predicted by homology modeling and its validation was done by ERRAT and VERIFY3D software. Linear B-cell epitope predicted by Support Vector Machine TriP tool, BEPIPRED tools. ElliPro tool was used for conformational B-cell epitope prediction. We detected the total 27 antigenic peptides by Immuno-medicine Group tool. The prep-4 from amino acid 140 to 163 was highly antigenic for immunization and also confirmed by BEPIPRED tools. The prep-4 was also confirmed by Ellipro in which two discontinuous (conformational) B-cell epitopes were predicted.

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