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A Novel Artificial Intelligence (AI) And Iot Approach For Preventing The COVID-19 Pandemic During Emergency

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Md Tabrez Nafis, Sumit Saini, N.V.S.Suryanarayana, Ankita chopra, S Padmakala, Dawa Jangbo Sherpa, Firos A


COVID-19, virus causes respiratory dysfunction. Mild symptoms such as pain, reduced saturation, and fever may progress to more serious problems. A person suffering from modest respiratory difficulties may be unaware that they need oxygen or hospitalisation. As a result, individuals must get reliable information regarding their present situation. Despite seeming to be in excellent condition, many COVID-19 patients have low blood oxygen levels. Low oxygen saturation levels may indicate the need for rapid medical attention. The four major factors that medical practitioners often assess are blood pressure, respiration, pulse, and body temperature. As patient numbers have rapidly increased, it has become more challenging to offer care in hospitals, particularly in a third-world nation like India. As a result, in addition to treatment centres and outpatient settings, the focus of COVID-19 patient care should include remote monitoring technologies that track and advise patients from a distance. The proposed gadget has a variety of sensors for monitoring vibrant signs, and the instrument data will be uploaded to the cloud and made accessible to clinicians for further investigation. The article presents a method for leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor patient health in order to combat the lethal disease.

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