Table of Contents - Volume 11 Issue 3

May 2022
Volume 11 | Issue 3
Page Nos. 1-74

Vol 11 Issue 3 Original Articles

Original Article

A Study on the Relation Between Cognitive Abilities and Macronutrients Intake in Young Females

Dr. Shubhra Saraswat, Dr. Madhvi Awasthi, Ankita Sharma and Richa

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_71-21
Submitted: 09‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 26‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Screening and Characterization of CelluloseProducing Bacterial Strains from Decaying Fruit Waste

Lakhvinder Kaur and Shachi Shah

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_78-21
Submitted: 17‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 28-Mar-2022 Published: 19-Apr-2022

Original Article

Development of Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus) Shoot Powder and its Nutritional Value

Bhanu P. Nayak and Dr. Aruna Palta

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_72-21
Submitted: 10‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 28‑Mar‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Individuals’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Millets

K Prasanthi and Dr. G Sireesha

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_64-21
Submitted: 01‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 15‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Menstrual Hygiene Practices Among Adolescent Girls and Women In India—A Systematic Review

Priyanka Nandi

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_88-21
Submitted: 09‑Jan‑2021 Accepted: 21‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Evaluation of Food Labels of Bakery Products for Compliance with FSSAI Guidelines

Chandorkar Suneeta, Patel Shruti and Pande Bhavya

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_75-21
Submitted: 11‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 22‑Mar‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Influence of Butea monosperma Floral Powder on Growth Parameter of Pleurotus florida (Mont.) Singer Cultivation

Meena Singh and Poonam Dehariya

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_87-21
Submitted: 06‑Jan‑2022 Accepted: 04‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Estimate the Vitamin C and Antioxident Activity of Pomelo (Citrus maxima (Burm.) Merr) Fruit Juices Using Different Extraction Methods

Fathima Nadeer, Jiby Abraham, Dr. Anju M Neeliyara and Saranya S

DOI: 10.4103/ijfans_56-21
Submitted: 19‑Nov‑2021 Accepted: 23‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022

Original Article

Knowledge, Attitude, Practices and Self-Efficacy in Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes Patients Towards Dietary and Lifestyle Factors

Divya Tripathi, Swapna Chaturvedi and Neena Bhatia

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_89-21
Submitted: 07‑Jan‑2022 Accepted: 21‑Apr‑2022 Published: 19-May-2022