Table of Contents - Vol 9 Issue 4

October-December 2020
Volume 9 | Issue 4
Page Nos. 39-59

Vol 9 Issue 4 Origional Articles

Original Article

Changing food trend and associated health risks

Akhilesh Shukla, Anupama Shukla
Submitted: 03‑Dec‑2020 Accepted: 27‑Jan‑2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021

Original Article

Does Vitamin C therapy play a role in the management of
lung pathology in COVID‑19? A review of current evidence

Seema Goel, Paramjit Singh Dhot, Preeti Sharma, Mayurika Tyagi
Submitted: 11-Jun-2020 Revised: 22-Jul-2020 Accepted: 25-Jan-2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021

Original Article

Qualitative analysis of low calorie cake formulated with
whole wheat flour and its cost‑effectiveness

Chandrashree Lenka, Tripti Kumari, Trupti Pradhan, Achyuta Kumar Biswal, Pramila Kumari Misra
Submitted: 25‑Nov‑2020 Revised: 06‑Jan‑2021 Accepted: 26-Jan-2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021

Original Article

Antioxidant activities in stem bark, leaves, and fruits of Olea
ferruginea Royle grow in Himachal Pradesh, in relation to
altitudinal changes

Neha Sharma, Indrajeet Kumar, Rajesh Kumar Sharma
Submitted: 10‑Dec‑2020 Revised: 06‑Jan‑2021 Accepted: 01-Feb-2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021

Original Article

Evaluation of efficacy of Nutritional screening tools to assess
Malnutrition among Elderly patients in a tertiary hospital in
Telangana, India

Syeda Nasreen, Sara Maryam1
, S. Uzma Nabeela
Submitted: 18-Dec-2020 Revised: 04-Jan-2021 Accepted: 27-Jan-2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021

Original Article

Potential of millet as an immune booster to fight against

Mrinal Samtiya, Tejpal Dhewa
Submitted: 25‑Aug‑2020 Revised: 21-Sep-2020  Accepted: 28‑Jan‑2021 Published: 09‑Apr‑2021