Table of Contents - Vol 11 Issue 2

April-June 2022
Volume 11 | Issue 2
Page Nos. 1-52

Vol 11 Issue 2 Original Articles

Original Article

Nutritional and Physicochemical Properties and Shelf Life Analysis of Mulberry Powder Incorporated Bread

Shivangi Sharma and Gita Bisla

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_53-21
Submitted: 27‑Oct‑2021 Accepted: 11‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

Effect of Covid-19 Lockdown on the Physical Activities and Nutrition Status of Children (10-12 Years)

Ansari Simmya and V Amritha

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_58-21
Submitted: 22‑Nov‑2021 Accepted: 21-Mar-2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

Modulatory Effect of L-Ascorbic Acid against Methyl Parathion Induced Mutation in Salmonella
enterica typhimurium TA 100

Amritha Nair and Prashantha Naik

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_54-21
Submitted: 25‑Oct‑2021 Accepted: 19‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

The Factorial Design of Experiments to Check Multiple Factors at Once with a Special Focus on Past Efforts in The Optimization of Gastro Retentive Microcapsules

Gorantla Naresh Babu, Menaka M and Dr. Hindustan Abdul Ahad

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_57-21
Submitted: 21‑Nov‑2021 Accepted: 19‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

Role of Nutrition in Scholastic Achievement of Adolescents

Dr. Davinder Singh Johal and Yashpal Singh

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_62-21
Submitted: 26‑Nov‑2021 Accepted: 22‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

Impact of Online Teaching on Dietary Pattern and Quality of Life of Science Teachers During Covid 19 Pandemic

Akshara S and Dr. Bhagya D

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_67-21
Submitted: 06‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 25‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022

Original Article

Impact of Premenstrual Syndrome on Quality of Life among Reproductive Age of Women (15-49) and their Food Habits in Aluva, Ernakulam, Kerala

Simmya Ansari and Liyana Sabu

DOI: 10.54876/ijfans_68-21
Submitted: 07‑Dec‑2021 Accepted: 14‑Mar‑2022 Published: 10-Apr-2022