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The Link between Prosocial Behaviour and Personality Traits: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Supriya Srivastava


In recent years “prosocial behaviour and personality traits” have achieved considerable scientific attention. This research paper is concentrating on estimating the link between prosocial behaviour and personality traits. This study desires to describe the contribution of “socially desirable responding (SDR)” to create a clear perspective between “religiosity and moral self-image”. The literature review section has engaged with the identification of prosocial behaviour and personality traits, understanding the connection between both of them, and establishing an elaboration on the way prosocial behaviour and personality traits influence empathy. The researcher has decided to collect relevant and valuable data based on the “secondary quantitative data collection method”. In order to analyse the data and interpret the secondary quantitative data which are collected through governmental websites, and other reliable links, SPSS software has been used. The prosocial behaviour and personality traits management process has become difficult for everyone in this recent era. Thus, due to creating a perfect empathy goal, there needs to be a perfect bond between prosocial behaviour and personality traits.

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