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The Junctional Epithelium: from Health to Disease Review

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Dr. Tanya Sahai, Dr. Priyanka Aggarwal, Dr. Shweta Bali, Dr. Amit Garg, Dr. Aruna Nautiyal


A structure that actively combats germs is necessary for periodontal tissues since they are continually in contact with them. Thus, the junctional epithelium is present at a critical junction between the bacterial-infested gingival sulcus and the periodontal soft and calcified connective tissues. The junctional epithelium can manage the ongoing microbiological challenge due to its usual structural and functional adaptability. The development of any gingival and periodontal lesions is not prohibited by the junctional epithelium's antimicrobial defence mechanisms. Recently, attention has been drawn to the transition from junctional to pocket epithelium, which is thought to be an authenticating mark in the onset of disease. The present review will cover some of the very important aspects of junctional epithelium from its development, anatomic structure, epithelial attachment, dynamic and molecular aspects to role of junctional epithelium in disease.

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