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The Diurnal Variation Characteristics of Latent Heat Flux under Different Underlying Surfaces and Analysis of Its Drivers

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Dr. Rajendra Bapurao Vhatkar1, Dr. Vishwajeet S.Goswami2, Prof. Manishkumar Jaiswal3


Monitoring the Latent Heat Flow is crucial for managing water resources and determining the crop water demand because it is a crucial part of the hydrological cycle and surface water heat transfer. The Heihe River Basin's distinctive topography guarantees improved variable control in LE analysis. In this work, the time series analysis and statistics of LE under various underlying surface conditions in the summer were carried out, and the regression components were looked at, using the eddy correlation observation data from the Heihe River Basin.The results show that when the underlying surface types are significantly different, there are discernible differences in the daily distribution of LE, the daily fluctuation trend of LE, and the influencing factors.

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