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Synthesizing Multi- Dimensional Nature of HEI Social Media Facets-Admissions Relationships: A SEM Based Approach From Organizational Communication Perspective

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Umed Singh1, Manjinder Singh2, Balraj Verma3*


The student enrolment in higher education institutions (hereafter, HEI) and its management has remained a vital issue for the admission managers ever since the establishment of institutions. Not only the admission process has been identified as expensive, the process entails the consistent focus on searching, attracting and retaining the desired segment of students who can sustain the institution. The research studies have acknowledged the growing role of real time information transfer in the admission funnels. In this perspective, social media and its facets seem to emerge as transforming the landscape with regard to HEI admissions, enrolment policy making and results on the ground. The research on HEI’s leverage of social media for admission seeking is basically a research in transfer of information and real time information management over the information exchange platforms. The research hence emphasizes the empirical attempts at uncovering the factors that could be leveraged and incorporated in the admission strategy to sustain and enhance scope for survival. The social media facet conceptualization matters as this determines HEI performance in terms of enrolment and admissions in organizational dimensions. The literature review points to multiple dimensions: University (HEI) wide conceptualization, institutional operationalization and inter organizational readiness, student wide conceptualization, modeling the impact of individual variables, organizational variables and contextual variables on the national and international admission securing potential and separate modeling of influences across student and university perspective.

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