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Solar Based Agriculture Smart Stick with Alert and Shoking System

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D. Navya, Dr. P. Munaswamy


Every aspect of a regular person's life has altered as a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which has made everything smart and intelligent. The Internet of Things is a network of autonomous gadgets (IoT). As more and more IoT-based, intelligent, and smart agricultural technologies are developed, agriculture is evolving every day. These technologies increase crop output while also improving efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and waste-free operations. This project aims to develop a smart IoT-based agriculture stick that will provide farmers with access to real-time data on temperature, soil moisture, turbidity, humidity, battery voltage, and other environmental parameters so they can practise smart farming and increase their overall yield and quality of products. The proposed farm stick for this project integrates Arduino technology, a breadboard, and many sensors. A mobile phone that supports GSM can get a live data feed online. The proposed approach has been tested in actual agricultural fields and delivers data feeds with exceptional accuracy in a range of soil conditions across many sites.

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