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Social Concerns and Issues in the Plays of Mahesh Dattani

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Mr.C.Krishna Kumar, Dr.D.Mohan


Mahesh Dattani is a questionable, quite possibly of the best writer the wake of globalization, the country has at any point created. He generally liked to address Indian soil and reasonableness in the wake of globalization. The social issues in dug into in his plays are supposed to be both from his own life and his creative mind and what he calls 'a marriage of both' however his certainty lied in reality itself as an asset. Maybe, this is the explanation that why his plays have a general allure. He goes with Aristotle, taking everything into account. Dattani likewise accepts that plot is the spirit of show. It is a lot of vital for uncovering character. From his first play Where There's a Will to Uma and the Fairy Queen, his subjects test and uncover emphatically about the normal and the everyday struggles of urban individuals who are living in traditional periods of Indian history trapped in the net of tradition and social qualities and the draw of innovation and globalization. Generally, his plays reflect the lives of people of middle and upper middle class Indians in present times

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