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Role of digitalization in influencing the relationship between warehouse optimization, transport optimization and distribution performance of FMCG companies: A review of literature

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Neelivethil Rajeev


one of the largest contributors to the Indian GDP is the FMCG sector and the products that are primarily purchased by consumers. India's distribution and sales channel structure is both important and straightforward, which makes it easier to distribute FMCG products throughout the country. The distribution structure which includes transportation and warehousing that play a significant role in distribution performance. however, there are very few studies that are available in India that explore the influence of digitalization on boosting the physical distribution of FMCG. The present study fills this research gap. The present review has brought out the factors determining warehouse optimization, and transport optimization. Perceivability of the in-transit vehicles, dumping delays, manual booking of vehicles, slow request handling, and all other variables that can be improved with the help of digitization which can further enhance distribution performance.

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