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Review of Human Resource Management Practices and Employee Performance in Higher Education Institutions of Madhya Pradesh

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Sourabh Kumar Shriwas,Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jha


This study aims to investigate the relationship between Human Resource Management (HRM) practices and employee performance within the context of higher education institutions. In an era where knowledge and innovation are pivotal, the role of higher education institutions in fostering employee performance cannot be understated. Effective HRM practices are believed to contribute significantly to the enhancement of employee motivation, job satisfaction, and overall performance.To explore this relationship, a mixed-methods approach is employed, combining quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews. The quantitative phase involves the distribution of structured questionnaires to a diverse sample of faculty and staff members across multiple higher education institutions. The survey captures data on various HRM practices such as recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, and work-life balance. Employee performance is assessed through self-reported indicators, including teaching effectiveness, research productivity, and service contributions.The anticipated findings of this study hold both theoretical and practical implications. It is expected that positive correlations between certain HRM practices and employee performance will be established, shedding light on the particular aspects of HRM that are most influential in the higher education context. Furthermore, the qualitative insights will provide a nuanced understanding of the underlying factors that mediate this relationship.

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