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Recent Developments in Nano Based Hair Dye Formulations and their Characterizations

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J Jissy Mathew, Anu James , Neethu Cyril , Seena Sebastian


The recent developments in nanoscience and nanotechnology have opened up new possibilities for permanent dye hair applications. Since 2000, a lot of reports are coming on the synthesis of nano-based hair dye formulations. Mainly, three strategies are involved in the synthesis of nano-based hair dyes: (i) Nanoparticle based hair dyes, (ii) Graphene and carbon nanotube-based hair dyes and (iii) Melanin biomimicking based hair dyes. Nanoparticle based dyes, due to their increased surface area, can penetrate well into hair follicles. There are reports of gold, silica and PbS nano particle-based hair dye formulations, but their potential commercial application as hair dyes is limited due to various factors like multiple synthesis steps, time needed for developing color and low color fastness.Even though, graphene based hair dye is promising, the color range is limited. Development of hair dye formulations by biomimicking melanine synthesis by chemoenzymatic methods has recently received attention by the scientific community.Considerable amount of work has so far been carried out with polydopamine (one of the synthetic eumelanines) based multicolor systems for hair dyeing

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