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Preventive Role of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) or Vitamin E or Vitamin C on Ethyl Acetate Fraction of Terminalia chebula Mediated Antitesticular Activities

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Prabal Ghosh,Adrija Tripathy,Priety Gupta,Debidas Ghosh


Background: Herbal treatment is one of the approaches of male contraceptives though its molecular action is not properly known. Terminalia chebula is one of such herbal component that has traditional reputation for antitesticular activity. Objectives: To evaluate the curative role of hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) or vitamin E or vitamin C against ethyl acetate fraction induced testicular hypo function. Materials and Methods: To know the mode of action of ethyl acetate fraction of Terminalia chebula towards hypotesticular activity and to find out the curative nature of hCG or vitamin E or C against hypotesticular activity, studies were conducted through spermatogenic, steroidogenic, androgenic and antioxidative enzyme analysis along with histological study. Count of different generations of sperm cells at middle stage i.e. stage VII of the cycle of spermatogenesis along with programmed cell death by genomic analysis were observed. Results: Dose of ethyl acetate fraction (5 mg/ 100 g body weight) focused significant negative deviation in spermatogenesis, androgenesis and decreased germ cells numbers at different generations with decreased seminiferous tubular diameter along with increased numbers of programmed death of sperm cells in Wistar strain male rats. Significant recoveries in all the parameters were noted near to the control level after supplementation with hCG or vitamin E or vitamin C. Out of these three supplements, vitamin C was the most effective for this purpose. Conclusion: Effective fraction treatment with its effective dose level responsible for induction of hypotesticular function, which was recovered by supplementation of vitamin C or vitamin E or hCG where vitamin C was most effective in this purpose. This focus that direct effect of effective fraction of Terminalia chebula on testis is mainly responsible for hypotesticular activity induction as vitamin C supplementation which has both steroidogenic and spermatogenic corrective effects along with direct antioxidative role on sperms.

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