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Prevalence of Zygomatic Complex Fractures: A 10-Year Retrospective Study

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Dr. Mohit Negi , Dr. Abhishek Singh Panwar , Dr.Priyank Gupta , Dr. Amit B. Lall, Dr. Mayank Singhal , Dr. Sanjeev Tomar


Purpose: Zygomatic complex fractures are very common in facial fractures in maxillofacial injuries. The frequency of these fractures differs geographically and aetiologically among countries and even regions. Differences in socio-economic status and the aging population seem to be two causes. This 10-year retrospective study evaluates the prevalence of Zygomatic complex fractures in the Bareilly population. Material and methods: This study included 93 patients who were diagnosed with ZMC fractures in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly between January 2008 and December 2018. Complicated fractures such as LeFort III and bilateral ZMC fractures were excluded. The prevalence of variables such as age, gender, cause of injury, and associated facial injuries in patients with zygomatic complex fractures was calculated and reported. Results: Of all 93 patients, the highest prevalence was seen in the 3rd decade (33.3%) of life followed by the 2nd (22.5%) & 4th decade (18.27%). In terms of the cause of injury, the highest frequency was of road traffic accidents (n = 65, 69.89 %) followed by sport-related injuries (n = 12, 12.9 %). In terms of the association of zygomatic fractures with other fractures, the most commonly associated injury was mandibular fracture (n = 29). Conclusion: By assessing the parameters such as type of injury, age, gender distribution, and etiology helps in managing zygomatic fracture as early as possible to achieve better results. The incidence and causes of zygoma fracture reflect trauma patterns within the community and can provide a guide to the design of a program geared towards its prevention and management.

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