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Menstrual & Personal Hygiene Management among Adolescent Girls

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Ms Pooja Yadav , Dr Arti Rauthan


Context: Although menarche, a significant milestone, begins throughout adolescence, it has been recognized as a special time that deserves special attention. As a result, maintaining proper hygiene during menstruation is essential to maintaining a healthy life. Objectives: This study identifies the level of hygiene and the restraints practiced by adolescent girls during menstruation by evaluating their knowledge, sources of information, monthly pattern and practices of menstrual hygiene. Design: This study was cross-sectional. Setting: The study was conducted in higher secondary schools, Dehradun in a period of 6 months from February 2022 to July 2022, including both government and private schools. Participants: The study included 450 girls Intervention: A self-administered and self-structured questionnaire was created specifically for the purpose of the study to collect data. Main Outcome Measure: Using Microsoft Excel 2010, a proportionate analysis of the data was performed to determine knowledge, information sources, monthly patterns, and menstrual hygiene practices. Results: All participants had some knowledge about adolescence and menstruation, although there were individual variations in knowledge of the menstrual cycle and hygiene management, especially in terms of their comprehension of physiology. Conclusions: Discovered evidence that the schoolgirls' patterns and sources of information regarding menstruation care items were associated to their management of menstrual hygiene, with around more than half of the girls participating in effective menstrual hygiene practices.

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