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Introducing Sattvic Diet In Modern Life

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N. Shruthi, Soundharya Thiyagarajan, T.Arulmozhi, K.Tamilarasi, Dr.A.N.Uma


A pure vegetarian diet known as a sattvic diet comprises seasonal fresh fruit, an abundance of fresh vegetables, entire grains, lentils, sprouts, dried nuts, seeds, honey, fresh herbs, milk, and dairy products free of animal rennet. When we eat certain foods, our sattva or consciousness levels rise. Cooking, serving, and indulging in sattvic foods are all done with love, gratitude, and awareness. A sattvic individual has a balanced demeanour, is energetic, enthusiastic, healthy, hopeful, aspirational, and tranquil. An additional benefit of the sattvic diet is that it is a very efficient way to lose weight and keeps weight under control. When a sattvic food is over processed, preserved for a longer time, or deep-fried, it turns tamasic. The yoga literature of the past offers a golden rule. Everything should be done in moderation, and too much of anything is unhealthy for a healthy existence. The Sattvic Diet had an impact on both the body and the mind. The Sattvic Diet promoted good health and helped people become more optimistic. Fast food and a fast-paced lifestyle are important to modern living at the moment. Whereas the ancient way of life was basic and involved more manual labour than machine labour, the sattvic diet, which helps the body activate our metabolism with simple foods we eat, was the main focus. A sattvic diet promotes a person's health. Food is more than just a physical thing. Instead, it is now recognised as one of the key factors in personality development. The sattvic diet has great potential for promoting healthy living, but one must go through it.

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