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Importance of Adequate Nutrients in Influencing Infants Immunity

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Jyoti Sinha , Dr Renu Kumari


Nutrition has a great role to play in providing immunity in infants. Right from conception nutrition has crucial role to play for building shape of normal body. In body there are different types of organs, cells and tissues which require different types of nutrients to grow and develop. Not only for growing and developing but to fight against disease essential nutrients are important. In infants case after birth it is mother’s milk which is very important for supporting immunity. It contains all biological compounds that support immunity system in infants. It also protect infants from infectious diseases. For all round growth and development such as mental, physical, cognitive different nutrients are required. To provide energy carbohydrates and fats are needed in required amount, to build body protein is required. Infants are the future of any nation, hence it is very essential to make available good quality and appropriate nutrition to each and every infants through their mother’s diet. Nutrition Education should be provided to mothers of child bearing age regarding role of nutrition in supporting immunity in infants.

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