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Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns on Indian Society: A Critical Analysis

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Mr. Suresh Kashinath Ghatge , Dr. Anuradha Parasar


Covid-19, a pandemic that evolved from Wuhan (China), has caused a devastating impact on every society in the world, including India. Because of the severe consequences of this crucialhealth crisis, World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global pandemic. The rapid spread forced the nations to cease international travelling, eventually leading to a worldwide lockdown. Multiple social, educational, economic, political, psychological, and agricultural issues emerged amidst the lockdown that further impacted Indian society. The current study has critically analysed the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns on Indian society. It was found that the lockdown was inflicted without any planning or prior warning to the Indian society, resulting in loss of livelihoods, depression, stress, violation of human rights, poor education, unemployment, and numerous psychological issues. The central government blissfully ignored the plight of the Indian society as no action was taken to mitigate the sufferings.

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