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Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Medicated Chocolate in Treatment of Intestinal Worms and Related Problems

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Mahendra Dwivedi, K.K.Jha , Swati Pandey, Ankush Sachan, Himanshu Sharma, Shloke Kumar Dwivedi


Objective: The goal of this study is to develop and assess a polyherbal medicated chocolate for stomach deworming and other related issues that has higher bioavailability and compliance than standard treatment options. An effort was undertaken to create a chocolate with a chocolate base with the addition of herbal fruits and spices for an easier and faster commencement of the action. Method: Polyherbal medicinal Chocolate formulations were developed utilizing a direct melting method over the water bath method with the addition of herbal components. Formulations were evaluated for Shape, size, taste, texture, dimensions, moisture content, bloom test, viscosity, weight variation, hardness, and stability. Result: In terms of physical examination, weight variation, dimensions, texture, and hardness, every polyherbal formulation produced satisfactory results. Formulated chocolate passes the bloom test. And the formulated chocolate completes all the requirements of the oral drug delivery system with greater assessment for therapeutic effect. Conclusion: Drug compliance, bioavailability and patient compliance are the major factors increased by inexpensive medicated Chocolate.

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