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Effect Of SAQ Training Program On Speed And Agility Performance Among Football Players

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Konsam Puinachandra, Dr. Thingbaijam Bimol Singh, Dr. Laishram Santosh Singh, Dr. Salam Opendra Singh


Purpose: The main purposed of the present study was to investigate the effect of SAQ training program on speed and agility performance among football players. Method: A total of thirty male football players (age 18 – 25 year) were selected from Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal, Manipur (India) who participated in the Inter college level competition. The subjects were randomly assigned into two equal groups, experimental group (n=15) and control group (n=15). The groups were measured before the intervention with the Speed and Agility. The parameters selected for the study were 50m dash for Speed and 10m×4 shuttle run test for Agility. The SAQ training program were carried out for the period of six weeks, five days training (Monday to Friday) and 60 minutes each session to the training group where no special exercise was administered to the control group. The pre and post-test scores were statistically examined by the analysis of descriptive statistics and pair‘t’ test was employed. The level of significance was set at 0.05 level of confidence. Results: The experimental group showed improved scores in the speed and agility performance compared to the control group (p<0.05). The mean and standard deviation of the speed and agility performance for pre-test and post-test of the experimental group were 6.56±0.69, 6.09±0.41and 8.4480±0.45994, 7.4380±0.34266 respectively. The mean and standard deviation of the speed and agility performance for pre-test and post-test of the control group were 6.9800±0.52723, 6.7480±0.36073 and 7.8660±0.47670, 7.8460±0.46814 respectively. Conclusion: It was concluded that the SAQ training program group had shown significantly improved speed and agility performance and the control group had insignificant improvement. It was confirmed that a six weeks SAQ training program was effective to improve the speed and agility performance of football players.

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